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How Show Latest Changes Works
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What does it do?

The "Show Latest Changes" feature lets you see exactly what's different in your current document from the last version of it. This could be because:

  • A new law came into effect (SixFifty updated things)

  • You made changes to your answers and regenerated the document

Who is it for?

This feature is designed for users who have not customized a document after generating it on our platform but want to see what changes have been applied due to regenerating it.

This feature is not available on documents that have been customized in the Editor—those changes will show in a different workflow for edited documents.

How to Use

  • Toggle on the feature: If your document has had no edits after generating it, you'll see the option to toggle on changes in the Outline bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Navigate changes: Use the arrows in the top-left corner of the document to skip to the next highlighted change.

  • Toggle it off: Once you have reviewed the updates, simply toggle it off.

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